Friday, 16 November 2012

New Publication: A Systemic-Discursive Framework for Enterprise Architecture

John Gotze and I have published a new peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Enterprise Architecture with the title: A Systemic-Discursive Framework for Enterprise Architecture. You can download the paper from here (note: this requires AEA membership). If you are not a member of AEA let me know and I will send you a PDF copy of the paper.

This article examines, through a case study of an Australian government agency, the systemic and discursive properties of Enterprise Architecture adoption in a government enterprise. Through the lens of Luhmann’s generalised systems theory of communication, the authors argue that the manner in which organisational communication is organised throughout the Enterprise Architecture adoption process has a noticeable impact on successful implementation. Two important conclusions are made: Firstly, successful Enterprise Architecture adoption demands sustainable resonance of Enterprise Architecture as a discourse communicated in the enterprise. Secondly, misunderstanding and reshaping Enterprise Architecture as a management discourse is an inherent premise for high quality adoption. The authors propose a new theoretical model, the Enterprise Communication Ecology, as a metaphor for the communicative processes that precede, constrain, and shape Enterprise Architecture implementations. As a result, Enterprise Architecture as a discipline must adopt a systemic-discursive framework in order to fully understand and improve the quality of Enterprise Architecture management programs.



  1. Please, can you send me the PDF?


    Claudio Bergamini

  2. Hello there. Sure, I will send it now!