Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Don’t buy flowers from ReadyFlowers

I usually don’t blog about my personal shopping experience, but a recent experience forced me to publish this post. I travel a lot for business, so for Valentine’s Day I decided to order a bouquet of flowers for my wife. Well knowing that online flower delivery is a trivial online commodity these days, I opened up Google and searched for “flower delivery”. One of the first hits was an allegedly Australian company, ReadyFlowers.com.au, which promoted their special same-day Valentine’s Day delivery of high quality roses. Order before 1pm and the flowers will be delivered the same day all over Australia, the company advertises proudly. Valentine’s Day is on February 14 and I put in my order for “6 long stem premium roses” (product link) on February 13 before lunch. According to ReadyFlowers, everything was all good and on track for delivery:

I was away for business on Valentine’s Day, so I ordered the flowers to be delivered to our apartment in the city as a surprise for my wife when she returned home after a long day at work. The flowers never arrived. I waited for her reaction throughout the day, but nothing happened. When I called her at night, I asked her: “So did the flowers arrive?” Puzzled and surprised she told me that she had not seen even a dry flower leaf at the doorstep.

Actually, the flowers did not arrive the next day – or the following day. On Friday February 17, I received a call from my concierge that somebody had dropped off a bouquet of flowers in the reception. When I got home, this is what I found:

They had sent my wife six small, dry roses without any water (normally, florists deliver flowers with a temporary water container so they remain fresh for the day). They were by no comparison the “six long stem roses” I had ordered. The flower heads were dry and mistreated. The wrapping was crushed. The obviously careless florist had added six dry leaves into the bouquet, most likely to compensate for the lack of fresh flowers and long stems. The greeting card, for which I was asked to add a friendly note during online order, was crushed. My wife’s name was not spelled correctly.

Unsurprisingly, I was furious. Not only had the company decided to charge me AUD $ 90.90 (almost DKK 500) for this pathetic so-called “bouquet” of dry, mistreated roses. They also delivered them three days too late without sending me a single notification of delay. Even half-decent companies send a quick apology and an estimated time of delivery to their clients if orders are stuck or delayed. But ReadyFlowers? Zip, nil, zero, nothing. As I was waiting for the flowers to arrive, I called ReadyFlowers’ so-called customer service centre three times (a 1 800 number) with no luck. Both times I was stuck in the waiting queue as number 23 or 33 with “an estimated holding time of 65 minutes”. Go figure. At least I knew that I was not alone in my pointless endeavour to trace up my missing flower delivery. The third time I called, I was in the queue for 20 minutes before I was diverted to a voice mail with the friendly message that ReadyFlowers had taken their customer service  offline due to a high number of calls! I What kind of company pulls the plug on their customer support during expected peak periods?

Friday, I called the company on the Friday the flowers had arrived. Instead of going into the “enquire about existing orders” I selected the third option for local distributors. This time I got straight through to a ReadyFlowers employee within two minutes. I explained my story and complaint to the customer “service” officer (named Leo) who obviously couldn’t care less about their recent atrocity. I explained to him that I expected them to come and pick up the flowers and that I wanted an immediate refund. Leo, who was probably working in a call centre far away from Sydney, responded that his managers had “left work for today” without any kind of apology or desire to help me. He asked me to send them an email with pictures of the flowers (which I did) and they would get back to me as soon as possible. This, of course, turned out to be a pure scam -- five days have gone by without a single reply from the ReadyFlowers service desk. I have sent multiple requests to their support email address – still with no reply.

I can’t emphasise this enough: ReadyFlowers is a scam, a fraudulent company that should be penalised by the ACCC. They simply to not deliver what they promise on their web site and they overcharge their clients for products that do not meet the expected, decent level of quality and timeliness. Save yourself time and money – avoid ReadyFlowers at all costs.

My next step is taking this case to the ACCC, NSW Fair Trading, and, if necessary, the NSW police. 


  1. UPDATE:
    Two additional news sources -- one in Sydney Morning Herald and one in The West:







    COMPLAIN HERE : http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/54217

  3. I had exactly the same issue with them.. but no flowers arrived at all. We are now 3 weeks past from Valentines day and they believed they have delivered them. The Flower shop advised they have delivered them personally and not by courier. I then asked her what my house color was and she then chose to tell us it was by courier and that they will call back with the house color. This site is a fraud and it is a call center in Manilla some where. I have spoken with our bank and they have disputed the transaction for our money back. Karma will catch up with you Ready Flowers

    1. I've ordered flowers from them on Valentines Day as well except it was delivered and the roses were great. I do believe it does depend on which florist they assign your order to. I don't want to put the blame on those people who works in the call centers because I'm guessing they are there to assign florist, NOT delivery them to your house personally.

  4. I see they didn't even care to deliver your flowers.

    I have finally managed to get them to reply to my support emails by calling their Manila hotline over and over for several days. Last week they agreed to acknowledge the refund and told me that I should see the money in my account after five-eight business days.

    Yesterday, ReadyFlowers then follow up on my original request and ask me to send them pictures of the flowers:

    "Dear Anders,

    Regarding to the Order [order no.] to be delivered to [name] in [address], SYDNEY, Australia on Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012. We would need you to send a photo of the flowers that the recipient received, so that we can investigate further regarding this matter.

    Thank you for your help and patience.

    Kind Regards,

    Ready Flowers Customer Service
    Kevin Angelo Peralta

    I have already sent my pictures (which you see above in this blog post) to them twice. Now they keep stalling the process by "playing dumb" and asking for the evidence over and over.
    Last night they called me (from a Perth phone number) and told me that they are happy to "deliver me the right flowers tomorrow because we failed to deliver your order." I told them that I am by no means interested in this and that I had already requested a refund twice over the phone and via email. Now I am back to square one where they seem to ignore my emails AND don't care to process my refund request.

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  6. FACTUAL COMMENT REMOVED FROM WIKIPEDIA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ready_Flowers

    On 31 January 2009, Ready Flowers Pty Ltd of Perth Australia with Peter Hegarty as a director sold the Ready Flowers Online Business to the Hong Kong registered Ready Flowers Limited also with Peter Hegarty as its director. A term of the sale agreement executed by Peter Hegarty as buyer and seller, required that the sale be kept secret. The purpose of the secrecy was to have Australian consumers (wrongly) believe that they were dealing with an Australian business. The Ready Flowers Limited has failed to register itself as a foreign company conducting business in Australia, as is required under Australian Corporations Law.

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  12. i wish i have read this sooner... i am in a similar situation i asked for my flowers to be delivered on the 14th of march, still haven't been delivered and its impossible for me to contact them.

  13. I too wish I had seen these complaints earlier. I have learned a hard lesson. I ordered a bouquet to be delivered to my elderly mother the day BEFORE Mothers Day (10th May).... same day delivery As you guessed it, they were never delivered that day. I rang ReadyFlowers and was told the florist had delivery van problems and they would be delivered the next day, Mothers Day, with a complimentary box of chocolates. My mother waited in but NO FLOWERS. I rang again the next day and was told they could not fulfill my order, with no apology or reason why. BUT they had already withdrawn my money from my Credit card. I told them I wanted to cancel my order and demanded a full refund. After many phone calls and emails to their customer service and LIVE Chat, they said"they would refund my money and that it is in the queue for processing by 6th June" It is now 12th June and STILL NO REFUND. THEY ARE DESPICABLE LIARS AND THIEVES. I am warning everyone I know NEVER ORDER FROM READYFLOWERS.

  14. I was lucky. The Ready Flowers turned up only two days late however the delay caused the bust up of a romance. I was drafting up a letter of complaint to Consumer Affairs when word came through the 'Blueberry Night @ $129.75' had arrived on the intended doorstep.

  15. Thanks for the post Anders. I always like to stay abreast of what is happening in my industry. Thanks for keeping the consumers aware as well! Sally

  16. Awesome post.. Thanks for sharing . Keep Updating

  17. This company is quite appalling. Despite a previous late delivery, I ordered flowers for my daughter's birthday, and a balloon, to be delivered in Wellington NZ. The flowers were delivered on time but were not fresh and not as described. There was no balloon. They promised a refund. This was in October 2014 and I am still waiting. Now they do not reply to my emails. Wish I had the address of someone like UK Trading Standards to complain to.

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  20. Totally disgusted flowers arrived 4 days late for Mother's Day a few sprigs of flowers not what was ordered and after 2 days they are dying. Try several times to see what happened to them and tried to cancel. Would NEVER ever use them again BEWARE not value for money

    Thought I would give this company a try as a change is always good - how wrong was I
    I Ordered sunflowers plus chocolates at $120 PLUS delivery for Mum this Mothers Day in NZ from London UK.
    Delivery consisted of Gerberas only and no chocolates, very disappointed.
    When I contacted them by email I received an email 48hrs later to say Sunflowers were unavailable due to out of season !! They will look into why chocolates were not delivered.

    When questioned by email why they listed out of season flowers and then substituted cheaper flowers offering no partial refund they blamed their agent!!!
    Still waiting a week later for explanation on chocolate non delivery and refund-not holding my breath!!

    This company has no idea of customer service and does not care if things go wrong and certainly do not believe in refunds.

    I shall be going back to "Roses are Red" who offer quality products and service with a photo of the flowers delivered by email, oh and free delivery in Auckland area.

  22. I like flowers delivery but I never imagined that the flowers can be undelivered. Very sad story :)

  23. Same experience here. Not delivered. No reply to requests for refund. Basically terrible customer service 101. Pretty sure you have to try really hard to be that heartless on the most romantic day of the year.

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  29. Peter Hegarty and his family are getting sued for defamation.

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