Tuesday, 3 July 2012

News in the EA space

Following my last post, I decided to purchase three new books from Amazon:
I purchased the latter based on a previous recommendation from John Gotze. I still haven't come around to purchasing a Kindle or iPad yet so I am stuck with the good, old analogue book format. I prefer having books in my library anyway.
In other news, John has relaunched the EA Blog Aggregator under a new name - EAVoices.com. Very interesting mash-up move, which does a great job at aggregating the many good quality blogs on EA and enterprising out there.
Finally, John and I are publishing a new article in the Journal of Enterprise Architecture titled A Systemic-Discursive Framework for Enterprise Architecture. The article will be published in the August 2012 issue. I will put up the links here once it has been published.

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